Friday, December 14, 2012

Azaad nazm!!! December

Azaad nazm!!!
Meri yadon say koi dushmani hay shayad
Her saal December men satanay aati hen

Woh sard ratain, Woh shaam ki khushboo
Mujhey phir sey rulanay aati hen

Magar men nay bhi ab ki bar hay socha
Men in yadon sey dosti ker loon ga..

Her saal ab udaas na hon ga men
Her gham ko apnay khushi ker loon ga..

Ab ki baar Jo phir say aaye ga December
Ansoun ko apnay hansi ker loon ga

Keh do December ja key un yadon say
Ab key na aayen mujhey satanay

Yoon guzray dinon key gham ab batanay
Men nay ghamon sey dosti ker li hay
Bohat haseen apni zindagi ker li hay

Ab key Jo bhi aaye ga saal maheena
Dekhay ga mujh ko udaas kabhi na

Buss hansta miloon ga men her gham bhula key

Sabhi dooryon ko galay say laga key
Men her shaam hi khilkilata miloon ga
Chaman key her phool sey khushboo chura key

Ab key na chunoon ga ghalat hamsafar men 
Khushi sey qadam ab mila key chaloon ga

Jo ho Doston ki mujhey gar zaroorat
Hath dosti sey Mila key chaloon ga

Ab key Jo aaye ga agla December
Men ussey zindagi key raastay pay miloon ga

Chalo ab December mujhey do ijazat
Na kerna ab key tum yeh himaqat

Na ley key aana ab key Woh gusto yaden
Ab key hum karain gay buss pyari batain

Yeh purlutf mosam ki haseen ratain
Chalo aao mil key khushyan banten

Monday, October 22, 2012

غلاظت یوں نہیں دکھتی (With English Translation)

غلاظت یوں نہیں دکھتی
دلوں میں جھانکنا پڑتا ہے

امارت چاہو تو؛ چھپ بھی جاتی ہے
بس خوشی کو بانٹنا پڑتا ہے

کب تک کروں مداوا اپنے درد کا میں
درد محبت کا ہو؛ اسے کاٹنا پڑتا ہے

بہت ہوئی حاصل خوشی؛ اوروں کی ہنسی میں
مگر تنہائی میرے دوست، اسے مارنا پڑتا ہے

English Translation

Bad nature does not show up easily
Deep inside the hearts it lie

One can hide being too rich
just spread the happiness on fly

till when i will keep fixing my pains
when pain is love, just bear the joy

i got lot of happiness, by making others smile
but this loneliness my friend, it has to die

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In Search Of Happiness- Part 1

sometimes, some incidents just reside in the matter what you do with them.. how far you go away from them.. they all stay there.. though you can control when to knock it out and when to let it be a silent part at times..... but we keep on traveling further and further.. on and on.. and so on...

the question is.. how come we keep on going on with the huge burden of memories and we sometimes go even faster and faster.. even the weight keeps on increasing but we do not stop and keep moving.. we get tired.. thirsty.. rusty.. even lost at times.. but we do not stop.. why???

because we travel in time and the reason is so far unknown...
if you try to dig more into will not find a right answer but you will know we always want to be only in one state.. that is "happy"... and happiness is a very general statement.. all you can try to answer is.. what makes you happy?... there are a lot of things which can make you happy... but the best happiness as defined by most of us.. is love... and defining love can take the story else where...

in short.. all what we do or strive to do becomes a reason of happiness.. so we walk.. we travel.. all in search of happiness..

let me take you to an exemplary past... there is always an age you spent which you don't remember and your parents or elders tell you about how you spent that period of time... at some point you start getting glimpse of that age..and you start feeling that you actually know all of it.. but it remains unanswered that how do u used to feel at that time.. because we used to be feeling-less at the start of our age.. ??? do you think that's true? .. no its beings have feelings from the day they born till the day they die.. so why we don't remember those feelings... here is an answer...

we do not remember how we used to feel at that time.. because all what we had around was happiness... everybody was trying to make sure we are smiling.. if we are crying .. the solution is immediately there so no sad feeling is developed... in short .. where there is no absence of happiness and there is no negative energy for it either.. all you feel is just good..and you do not remember how you used to feel because its happiness bydefault..  and  happiness cannot be felt unless you know whats the feeling without happiness..

lets move to the next part of life.. where we start to develop our feelings to a minimum level which actually does not involve heart.. and only brain.. for example.. the fear of getting scold by someone..
the fear of exam.. the fear of class.. this age is the quick age which passes like a glimpse.. how many of you actually remember incidents from that age?? all you remember is may be classroom.. teacher.. some class fellows.. some neighborhood games may be.. but nothing serious.. right???
so the actual story starts after this age... which is the most reflective stage on your growth.. so called start of youth.. and that's the journey starts in the search of happiness... lets see how it starts..

the first day.. the very first time you start feeling bad about anything.. which leaves an impression to your heart...thats exactly where it starts.. and from that day till probably the death, all your mind or heart works for is peace and happiness...if we map it to the exact stage.. then its mostly known as the time when you are studying to complete secondary school certificate.. or matriculation.. have we ever thought why they are named as secondary school?? the first is primary.. then secondary.. then we call it high school... all these transitions are not just the study related terms... they are actually the stage of your life and the word school actually represents the school of thought..
this school of thought  defines how much do you feel, how much do you stay happy.. how much do you stay sad.. because thats the time when the school of thought links from brain to heart.. and gives a kick start to the journey named as "In search of Happiness" ..

Without going into the details of how we search for happiness.. how we know it or even at times we do not know it... lets try to see what are the factors which revolves around it..
so the major factors are time,age,intellectual level etc etc.. but amongst all these the major role is played by the environment which is built up of friends and family...

this friends and family actually defines the path on which we walk in the search of happiness and all we get as so called happiness comes from these people and the environment.. but do you know the sad part of it??? the most sad part of it.. we keep on moving and eventually bypass this journey and when we end up.. we realize that the path we have taken together actually did not lead all of us to the same destination.. and we are all apart from each other, far far away.. and all we have left behind is just memories... the memories we made "in search of happiness"..

a food for thought is.. what happens next.. why this search ends up painful where as it was the search of happiness.. i will continue this thought in my next part... till then.. keep following your known or unknown path in the search of happiness :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sawal -e- Derd e Dil

Mat poochna tum Hal e dil , baqee kuch bhi pooch lo
Hum lajawab to hen magar , is ka koi jawab nahi

Likhi ho jis men derd e dil ki dawa
Aisa koi nuskha nahi ,aisi koi kitaab nahi

Bichar to jaun men khud sey kash us ki khatir
Mera koi junoon nahi, us ka koi nisaab nahi

Bana k humsafar us ko men sath ley bhi chaloon
Raasta koi nahi, manzil ka koi hisaab nahi

Jawab mangtay ho kyun abhi dil say tum hassan
Pinhan rakh key bhi saray raaz,tum sa koi behijaab nahi

Friday, July 13, 2012

Love is pain but pain is not...

There's always a time in one's life when one wish to be in love;then some good day you fall in love and start enjoying every moment of it.. then become more sensitive and emotional and increases to a level that you start feeling pain in love... 
then unluckily... one loses his/her love... and feel more pain of losing the love... but life goes on whether a sparrow dies or a hero falls... and teaches lessons and we get comfortable with the loss...
but the worst part starts.. when you start feeling pain being NOT in love...

in short... love causes a lot of pain around itself... but the vice versa is not true..

and at the end you wish that you can be in love again... once you have experience all the stages... wishing love... falling in love... enjoying love... pain in love and now the last... being NOT in love you will know the faces of pain...

i name it painful love even though being in love is not painful.....but the thoughts of pain around love make you feel even worse...but there is always hope... and the best part of all this cycle is that...

one day... this pain will make sense to you...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Sea lets you hear your silence

in the ocean of darkness
have you ever thought

the clarity of the black
the purity of the black

all the dark past
thrown at the back

have you ever heard
the noise that makes u hack

like someone of ur own
calling from the past..
there is nobody..
just silence..
the silence inside you.
the pain inside you..

forget about it..
just choose the good to move..
in the ocean of tears..
there are waves.. full of hope

in the fear of loneliness
you forgot to catch the rope

you walked alone.. too too far..
where there is no end not even a start..

there is a light.. very near to you..
the silence inside is just killing you
just listen to it... you will find the way soon
just feel the waves..they will help you groom

the silence is just the absence of sound
and the sea lets you hear your silence

Saturday, July 7, 2012

وہ خیال تھا جو بہا گیا

وہ  خیال  تھا  جو بہا  گیا
میرے سارے درد  کی داستان

میری سوچ پھر سے بدل گیئ
ہے کھلا سا پھر سے آسماں

نہیں پھر بھی جرات پیار اب
ہے بے  وفایی کا پھر سماں

 سبھی بھول کر پھر شروع کروں
ملیں لفظ پھر سے عیاں عیاں

Chalay Aatey hen Khuaab Akser bina ijazat liye

chalay atey hen khuaab akser bina ijazat liye
phir ujrey huey mazi ki yadon ki shikayat liye

ajab yadain hen aaj bhi satati hen mujhey
phir bichrey huey logon ki hidayat liye

ker paata to ker leta takmeel-e-mohabbat men
phir bikhrey huey lamhon ki naqahat liye

woh ja chuka tha, woh ja chuka hey
us dukhrey bharey dil ki hifazat liye

kahey deta hoon aakhri baar men aey khuabon
na aao meray pass un dino ki saqafat liye

Sari Raat Nahi Sotay..

Sari raat nai sotay, bus jagtay rehtay hen
Chain din ka sakun raat ka tarashtay rehtay hen

Nai chorteen peecha yaadain; ab bi guzrey lamhon ki
Unhe lamhon ko bus yadon men bant tey rehtay hen

Juda hona, bichar jana, yahe hen khail qismat k
Inhe khailon k zakhm khud ko kat tey rehtay hen

Lagta hay dar ab to her taaluq say apnay
Her ik rishtay ko dosti men chant tey rehtay hen

Kat jati hay raat bhe aur din bhi isi soch men
Hum zindage say kya apni mangtay rehtay hen

Sari raat nai sotay, bus jagtay rehtay hen.
Chain din ka sakun raat ka tarashtay rehtay hen

Mitta do meri hasti ko

mitta do meri hasti ko
key sab khatayen meri hen

diya hey men ney dukh sab ko
key sab jafayen meri hen

jo bhee kaha jitna kaha
sab sey sab hee jhoot kaha

mita do meri jumbish ko
key sab sadayen meri hen

kissi ko dena pyaar chaha
siwa nafrat key kuch nahi

kissi ka pyaar pana chaha
siwa nafrat key kuch nahi

dafna do meri mitti ko
keh sab anayen meri hen

barbaad ki hay sub ki zindagi men ney
ujaar di hay sab ki zindagi men ney

khushi sey hanstey chehron ko
di hen buss weeraniyan men ney

bhula do meri baton ko
keh sab panahen meri hen

mitta do meri hasti ko
key sab khatayen meri hen

Woh Jo Apna Aap hi Tha Mera

jissey dhondnay chala tha main
woh apna aap hi tha mera

raha dhoondta dosron men main
woh jo ik khayal tha mera

phira darbardar, mileen thokarain
yeh ajab nisaab tha mera

jissey  paa liya, usey kho diya
yehi bus hisaab tha mera

socha ussey kissi aur men
woh jo buss khuaab tha mera

jub milla mujhey , maloom hua
woh apna aap hi tha mera

woh jo kho gaya tha mujh men sey
woh apna aap hi tha mera

jissey dhondnay chala tha main
woh apna aap hi tha mera

woh apna aap hi tha mera

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Me and My Hope ( Free Verses)

 we all have hope... we need to find it... talk to it..
 tell this hope...

ooiiii... i am stronger than you...
you dont have me.. but i have you

and this hope will whisper
dont worry, i am always with you

stare into her eyes
say, i do not need you

i can be happy
with or without you

who do u think u are to me
u r just hope , a little close to me

hope replies, i am your fate
you cannot afford this hate
...don't hate me,just embrace me

look at her again, say
you are my past, i hate you

hope replies, am not like you
i am your future too

selftalk..but i know myself
i cannot live without you

hope replies, you are right
even i am nothing; being without you

just hug the hope, bring it along
and you will discover, the magic you can do..

hope is love.. hope is life..
talk to your hope.. discover yourself

Sunday, July 1, 2012

men tanha akela.. yoon raton ko gumsum..(With translation)

men  tanha akela, udas panchi
raat key andheron men, betha hoon gumsum

kissey apney ko; yaad ker raha hoon
koi mujh sey poochay.. tum kyun ho jagay

men kaisey bataun.. mujhey koi apna
bht shidat sey.. yaad aa raha hey

is khaif sey dil ko..kissi koney men chup key
bht zoron sey ..sata raha hey..

men tanha akela.. yoon raton ko gum sum
uss key jald milney ki dua mangta hoon

men  tanhai sey dosti yoon mitta key
bil akhir ko us sey alvida chahta hoon.

key mera woh apna.. yoon mera bina..
bht hey akela.. mera hamsafar woh..

men raton men gumsum.. yoon tanha akela
uss ki yaden mitaney .. aur phir us sey.. aur sirf us sey..

wafa mangta hoon .. apni her ik khata ki.. jaza mangta hoon
men raaton ko gumsum.. yoon tanha akela..
uss sey jald milney ki.. dua mangta hoon..

Me.. lonely ,abandoned.. sad bird..
in the darkness of night.. sitting like lost...

remembering somebody close to my heart..
somebody asks me.. why are you awake..

how can i tell them.. someone my very own
with full zeal.. is in my memories..

in some corner of this provoked heart...
giving me pain with full force..

me lonely , abandon.. lost in the night..
just praying to meet that special one soon..

to cut the friendship with loneliness
i want to say a final good bye..

as that special someone.. without me..
is very lonely.. that companion of mine..

lost in the night.. me lonely , abandoned..
killing the memories...and then only.. and only from that special..

asking for faith.. asking for loyalty..
i want to say sorry.. for my every mistake..

sitting lost in the lonely , abandoned..
just praying again.. to meet the special one soon..

me lonely , abandoned.. lost in the night..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Poetry Conversations

each one of the below are written by me and every two lines is a separate couplet :D 

Date 24-th June 2012, 22:30 - 23:30

kuch dil ka haal suna do, kuch pyaar ki baat bata do
bht din sey men akela hoon, koi umeed ka deep jala do
chalo aaj dil ko hi dil ka haal suna do
is tanha sey weeraney men aaj andhera bht hey
kuch log kabhi sath hon , men shairi kerta hoon
unhi k dilon ka haal, un key samney likhta hoon
ho key mashoor meray alfaz sey mujhey tanha chor gaya
woh ik shakhs jis key honay pay khud ko maan bht tha
pyaar to hey mujhey us sey , magar aur tarah ka
jaisey nibhati hey tanhai, koi sath nahi deta
tanha akela thaka hara chala ja raha hoon
aik tanhai ka sahar hey key muskura raha hoon

Yeh sharmindagi itni sehal nahi mitana
Abhi waqt key marham ko bhi waqt lagay ga

khayal sey kya sawal poochoon, khayal kaisey aata hey
woh to buss aa jata hey bina bataye meri tanhai mitanay
woh aik shakhs mila to phir sey adhoora ker gaya
jis sey milney ki sadyon sey hasrat bht thi

chalo kissi bahaney hi sahi, woh muskuraye to
jami thi honton pey jin key udasi kayi roz sey

muskaan men ney hi di, to chalo udhar sahi
kabhi mujhey udas dekho to lota dena
meray barey men na sahi, magar sochna zaroor
tum ik shakhs meray jaisa hi yaad aaye ga
ungliyon ki por sey, socho ki dor sey
men likhta ja raha hoon sabhi khayal apnay
chalo phir sey juda honay ka bahana dhoondain
maza yoon roz milney men ab nahi aata
aaj sochon ko meri ik naya naam dey diya
mujhey phir sey shair honay ka ilzam dey diya
 hum kaisey bichar jayen , zara tum hi bata do 
sadyon baad to miley hen deewanay do 
kash men tumhara yahan naam likh pata
mera buss nahi chalta, tu badnaam na ho jaye

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Will Never Cry

the ocean is filled with my tears
no wonder my eyes are dry

i do not feel any weeping
when ever i want to cry

the past killed me before
its time again to die

all my strength is weaken
i feel falling from sky

there is still some hope
keep telling me , i can fly

i will find my wings..
i will continue my try

my eyes full of blood
i will still not give up

i can see a light down there
its my choice; to glow or die

i will have tears again
but i will not cry..
i will never cry...

my hope, my pride, my life
wont let me drown..

in the ocean of sorrows
i still have life.. i know how to fly..

i will never cry... i cannot cry..

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Angels on Earth

Angels on earth in a human face
Showing the reality hidden in a cage

Birds that sing the song of faith
Find the happiness, its never too late

The dreams glimpsed you the green place
Where smile lives with all its glaze

Oh dear heart.. why you are sad
Haven't u known the real life intake

The silent roar takes you to a phase
you cannot shout, you cant even phrase

What's hidden in you.. you can easily paint
Its all about expressions that never go faint

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Death Of Sadness

The sadness inside just killed me.. I died
My soul is alive.. still willing to strive

It needs a body.. it needs a brain
Another heart to drain..

Wishes are always strain
Give you nothing.. but just pain

Everything I tried.. all my smiles
All went wrong.. all in vain

Forgot the meaning of what love is called..
The last memory... That relation insane

All my feelings... All really plain
No more efforts.. no more gain

Oh my soul ... Let me die in peace..
Or this sadness.. please explain

My Only companion

My only companion.. my only love
The only faithful one ever... I am sure everybody will leave.. but you will stay... You are the only one to flourish my mind... Blush my life.. make me feel special... Always stand by smiling besides me... Whenever I need you..or when I don't... I just can't imagine you leaving me... Please don't leave me... You can share my tears.. you are my friend in joys.. you are my strength when I am can be the only choice in sands. In seas.. in skies.. please don't leave me... Oh my ..oh my only love... My dear LONELINESS

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Badaltey dekhey hen

yaqeen karain bhi to kis per karain aakhir
hum ney logon key imaan badaltey dekhey hen

mazi ki yaad men jeenay walon hosh men aao
hum ney waqt key halaat badaltey dekhey hen

gilla karain kissi sey to kyun ker karain aakhir
hum ney bay hissi key aamaal badaltey dekhey hen

hiddat sey pighal jatey hen pathar bhi akser
hum ney kaheen pathar dil bhi pighaltey dekhey hen

hikmat yeh hi hey key bhool jo aagay berho
hum ney mustaqbil key kayee saal badaltey dekhey hen

badal key khud ko bhi dekha,magar dil na badla
hum ney sachay dil walley chaal badaltey dekhey hen

chalo maaf kertey hen sab khataon ko un ki
hum ney zindagi key kayee mor badaltey dekhey hen

faida kuch bhi nahi ab aanso bahaney sey
hum ney musafaton key ahwal badaltey dekhey hen

aakhir ko kat hi jata hey waqt tanhai key sath
hum ney tanhai men apney kayee saal badaltey dekhey hen

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hope is always there

the day i thought i am dead
hope whispered, no i am left

i gave another chance to my heart being theft
i realized soon, hope was correct

some moments gathered to hold my breath
even the ones that made me dead

a new glow was seen with full of its depth
the fragrance helped showing the rest

everybody around was shocked from the deft
by a joying voice from the heart in the fest

some heart beat is there with the zeal and zest
my heart is knocking like it was never dead

thanks for the hope for the blushing crest
i restarted the life waiting for the next death