Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Sea lets you hear your silence

in the ocean of darkness
have you ever thought

the clarity of the black
the purity of the black

all the dark past
thrown at the back

have you ever heard
the noise that makes u hack

like someone of ur own
calling from the past..
there is nobody..
just silence..
the silence inside you.
the pain inside you..

forget about it..
just choose the good to move..
in the ocean of tears..
there are waves.. full of hope

in the fear of loneliness
you forgot to catch the rope

you walked alone.. too too far..
where there is no end not even a start..

there is a light.. very near to you..
the silence inside is just killing you
just listen to it... you will find the way soon
just feel the waves..they will help you groom

the silence is just the absence of sound
and the sea lets you hear your silence