Sunday, January 20, 2013

Who am I??

many came and many went,not all; were there to stay
few last forever, rest are all; part of the way

some say i am sweet, some say cute
some say arrogant and some say mute

some say an angel
some consider devil

some made me the reason for their smile
some awarded the tears for being versatile

not anyone saw the real me
just another bird who learned to flee

everyone believed only their thought
when there exist a different reality i fought

no one ever ask,
whats behind the mask

my eyes tell a different story
the lips hide a different lorry

i am what you think doesn't exist
i am what you think is a mist

i am a devil, i am a ghost
i am what u don't; think the most

i am an untold story
i am an unheard glory

i am badly twirled
i am a lost world!!!!!!