Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Angels on Earth

Angels on earth in a human face
Showing the reality hidden in a cage

Birds that sing the song of faith
Find the happiness, its never too late

The dreams glimpsed you the green place
Where smile lives with all its glaze

Oh dear heart.. why you are sad
Haven't u known the real life intake

The silent roar takes you to a phase
you cannot shout, you cant even phrase

What's hidden in you.. you can easily paint
Its all about expressions that never go faint

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Death Of Sadness

The sadness inside just killed me.. I died
My soul is alive.. still willing to strive

It needs a body.. it needs a brain
Another heart to drain..

Wishes are always strain
Give you nothing.. but just pain

Everything I tried.. all my smiles
All went wrong.. all in vain

Forgot the meaning of what love is called..
The last memory... That relation insane

All my feelings... All really plain
No more efforts.. no more gain

Oh my soul ... Let me die in peace..
Or this sadness.. please explain

My Only companion

My only companion.. my only love
The only faithful one ever... I am sure everybody will leave.. but you will stay... You are the only one to flourish my mind... Blush my life.. make me feel special... Always stand by smiling besides me... Whenever I need you..or when I don't... I just can't imagine you leaving me... Please don't leave me... You can share my tears.. you are my friend in joys.. you are my strength when I am can be the only choice in sands. In seas.. in skies.. please don't leave me... Oh my ..oh my only love... My dear LONELINESS