Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dosti Key Sawal

kuch jawab hen, kuch sawal hen
sab hi zindagi kay wabal hen

meray dost jo Bay hisaab hen
Kuch khas hen,  kuch malal hen

har dagar pay bhi,  her mor per
yeh hi sab key hal ahwal hen

koi sang raha,  koi bichar gaya
sab hi waqt ki ik chaal hen

men mareez e Ishq bhi tha kabhi
ab mohabbaton key bhi kaal hen

din roz ho bus ik shams sang
yeh Jo Chand hen,  Bay misaal hen

na pooch hum say tu haal ab
hum jhoot men ba Kamal hen

Jinhain Janna ho sab ka such
bus unhi key khoon laal hen

hain safaidiyan dilon men ab
kahan ab Woh josh E bilal hen

meray dost Jo bay hisaab hen
Kuch khas hen,  kuch malal hen

yeh Jo dosti key sawal hen
sab hi zindagi key wabal hen

Monday, March 24, 2014

LIfe Again !!!!

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will.
You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time.
You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken.
You'll fight with your best friend.
You'll blame a new love for things an old one did.
You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love.
So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.

Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin! 

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, 

but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."
Everything u see is not true.many times even eyes can well be disguised....

same way...everything you hear is may not be the thing other wanted to say!!!
Words said may not mean the meaning what is said!!! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cold Weather and Islamabad

warm feelings and cold feet
i want to enjoy the winter breeze

roaming alone while the weather moans
some place to hide the past thrones

memories brought by the wind that blows
i feel the freeze on my toes

the heart that ponders to get some warmth
i need to find a colder path

the ticks and tocks on the clock
the sleeping mind come out of block

time to reveal the best in me
wish i am a bird and can flee

in the windy park, the only tree
waiting for me, to have a plee

how can i forget the moments frozen
its still too cold to get them broken...

here is the future with romantic thoughts
lets start again till the winter rocks

~- Aakif Hassan -- in the memory of super cold winters i spent in ISLAMABAD Loving them again

Woh Raton ki Yadain....(English Translation- Those Stories of those Nights)

Woh Raton ki yadain bhi ab hen purani
Phir say millo to banay Ik kahani

Woh batain tumhari , woh zid ki qatarain
Woh Yoon raah chaltay shaklain banani

Sunana woh naghme chup chup k tum ko
Phir tareef sun'na tumhari zubani

Woh sardi men kambal men moon ko chupana
Woh auron ko tabyat jhooti batani

Woh khamoshi say apnay sarhanay
Kanon men meray hansi gudgudani

Thitartay labon say Yoon Lori sunani
Sotay huey bhi zuban kapkapani

Woh lambi si Raton men mujh ko jagana
Khuabon men apnay khushi timtimani

Yeh sari hen batain lekin purani
Phir say Milo to banay Ik kahani

English Translation.....
its has gone old, that night and the memory
meet me again, let make new story..

those words of yours, those lines of wishes
that making faces behind the bushes

hiding from people and singing songs for you
then listening for hours, the praising from you

that covering of face by the blanket in winters
that telling bad health while lieing to others

quietly besides your pillow every night
murmuring of your laughs in my ear bite

telling me sleeping rhymes with trembling lips
shivering all night with the sleeping bits

that keeping me awake in long long nights
that happines on your face turn it brights

but all these stories are ages ago..
meet me again to have another woe...

December aur us key sard hath....

December ki thandi Raton men akser
Us key sard hath bara yaad Aatay hen

Lakh bhulaun un lamhon ko barson
Her saal issi mosam men loat Aatay hen

Yakh hawa key woh taiz thapairay
Meray galon pay ab bhi saaz bajatay hen

Woh bhi kerta hoga yaad her barish key sath mujhey
Ya Badal us key ghar say garaj key guzar jatay hen

Sath dekhay humain dunya ko Ik arsa hua
Mohallay wallay humaray qisay ab bhi sunatay hen

Dastaan Yoon to Bari ghamgeen hey judai ki apni
Zamanay walay kahani Bari pur lutf batatey hen

Ku aa jata hay bar bar yeh December!!!
Woh beetay lamhay humain her saal rulatay hen

Ja aey sard maheenay, ab tujh say khaffa hen hum
Siskiyan bhar bhar key Raat bhar khud ko sulatay hen

Chalo tham lo ab bewafa tum garm hath meray
Jhoota hi sahi , Kuch dair tum ko behlatay hen

Kahani mukhtasir her mosam ki buss itni hi hay
Juda ho key bhi hum Kuch dair ko pass Aatay hen

December ki thandi raton men akser
Us key sard hath bara yaad Aatay hen.. bara yaad Aatay hen

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kabhi Pyaar Na Kerta....

Zamanay bhar nay thukraya Meri sachi mohabbat ko
jo khushnaseeb hota to; kabhi pyaar na kerta

Yoon to chalti hen dil key sath sansain bhi
Jo rishta dil ka hota to, kabhi izhar na kerta

Khata bus itni si to hay keh men dil laga betha
Zehn gar sath deta to; kabhi iqrar na kerta

Saza tum mujh ko ab dey lo ,keh gunehgar to hoon men
Faisla men jo kerta to; kabhi takrar na kerta

Jalaya khud ko men nay bhi; kissi ki yaad men pinhan
Jo khul key yaad kerta to;kabhi sarshar na kerta

Soda apnay derdon ka ; kiya hay men nay ab khud say
Tu meray pass hota to ; kabhi byopaar na kerta

Men khushnaseeb hota to; kabhi pyaar na kerta
Kabhi pyaar na kerta

~ Aakif hassan

Friday, June 14, 2013

tumhain dekh key woh udaas na ho..

A Dedication of Hope And Happiness after the sad demise of the father of my friend +Mohsin Raza and His Brother

Pyaar bhari kuch ankhon men
khuaab suhanay hotey hen

hasrat bhari in baton men
umeed key jhonkay hotey hen

beshak key hey taqdeeron men
anjaan sey chehray hotey hen

yoon ansoo tap tap girtey hen
kuch log juda jab hotey hen

par tum ab meri baat sunno
din bhar na sahi, ik raat sunno

umeed bhari kuch kirnain hen
her roz sawera kerti hen

khud shayad tanha rehti hen
her dil men basera kerti hen

udas palon ko roz hi woh
muskan men badla kerti hen

aisi hi kiran ik shakhs bhi hay
yoon to woh bara khush bakht bhi hay

do chand sey roshan chehray hen
bina un key woh kuch sard bhi hay

ho key bhi juda is dunya sey
sab ka bara hamdard bhi hay

us aik kiran ki ankhon ko
tum dukh derd ka anjaam na do

umeed ki in tasveeron ko
tum tanhai ka naam na do

woh tum ko dukhi jub dekhay ga
khud phoot phoot key roye ga

beshak key tum yeh nahi chahtey
tumharey liye udaas ho woh

tumhara to dil yeh kehta hey
jahan bhi ho, khush bash ho woh

to dekho meri baat sunno..
umeed ki tum awaz sunno..

in pyari pyari kirnon ko
dil men jagah tum dey dalo

woh derd jo tum pay bhari hey
sab ki in ki wafa pay dey dalo

tum apnay dil key zakhmon ko
in kirnon sey ab bhar dalo

unhain soch key tum udaas na ho
kel koi mushkil paas na ho..

kuch samjho us ki hikmat ko..
kuch samjho us ki fitrat ko...

aisey khushi sey bhar jao..
tumhain dekh key woh udaas na ho..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

حد پردس کی آج کچھ معلوم ہوئی

حد پردس کی آج کچھ معلوم ہوئی
حصّہ تبدیلی کا کاش میں بھی بن سکتا

امید کی آخر آج کچھ روشنی دکھی
چراغ بے نام سہی؛کاش میں بھی بن سکتا

چلو دور ہی سہی،دل و جان تو ساتھ ہی ہے
دعا سے بڑھ کے دوا ، کاش میں بھی بن سکتا

یوں تو پردیس اکثر دیس سے بھلا لگتا ہے
آج گونجتی ہے سدا کے دیس ؛ کاش میں بھی بن سکتا

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Who am I??

many came and many went,not all; were there to stay
few last forever, rest are all; part of the way

some say i am sweet, some say cute
some say arrogant and some say mute

some say an angel
some consider devil

some made me the reason for their smile
some awarded the tears for being versatile

not anyone saw the real me
just another bird who learned to flee

everyone believed only their thought
when there exist a different reality i fought

no one ever ask,
whats behind the mask

my eyes tell a different story
the lips hide a different lorry

i am what you think doesn't exist
i am what you think is a mist

i am a devil, i am a ghost
i am what u don't; think the most

i am an untold story
i am an unheard glory

i am badly twirled
i am a lost world!!!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Doston ki Yaad

kyun yaad dasht sath deti hey itna mera
guzrey huey lamhon ko bhula nahi pata

mana key bht kuch ghalat tha dosti men meri
magar doston ko apnay bura nahi pata

beet gaye hen ab to kayee saal bichrey
phir bhi haseen palon ko mita nahi pata

shayad nikal chuka hoon un key dil sey men kab ka
kyun apney dil sey un ko chura nahi pata

ab to kawishon sey bhi koi umeed nahi hassan
phir bhi seenay sey yadon ko juda nahi pata