Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cold Weather and Islamabad

warm feelings and cold feet
i want to enjoy the winter breeze

roaming alone while the weather moans
some place to hide the past thrones

memories brought by the wind that blows
i feel the freeze on my toes

the heart that ponders to get some warmth
i need to find a colder path

the ticks and tocks on the clock
the sleeping mind come out of block

time to reveal the best in me
wish i am a bird and can flee

in the windy park, the only tree
waiting for me, to have a plee

how can i forget the moments frozen
its still too cold to get them broken...

here is the future with romantic thoughts
lets start again till the winter rocks

~- Aakif Hassan -- in the memory of super cold winters i spent in ISLAMABAD Loving them again