Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In Search Of Happiness- Part 1

sometimes, some incidents just reside in the matter what you do with them.. how far you go away from them.. they all stay there.. though you can control when to knock it out and when to let it be a silent part at times..... but we keep on traveling further and further.. on and on.. and so on...

the question is.. how come we keep on going on with the huge burden of memories and we sometimes go even faster and faster.. even the weight keeps on increasing but we do not stop and keep moving.. we get tired.. thirsty.. rusty.. even lost at times.. but we do not stop.. why???

because we travel in time and the reason is so far unknown...
if you try to dig more into will not find a right answer but you will know we always want to be only in one state.. that is "happy"... and happiness is a very general statement.. all you can try to answer is.. what makes you happy?... there are a lot of things which can make you happy... but the best happiness as defined by most of us.. is love... and defining love can take the story else where...

in short.. all what we do or strive to do becomes a reason of happiness.. so we walk.. we travel.. all in search of happiness..

let me take you to an exemplary past... there is always an age you spent which you don't remember and your parents or elders tell you about how you spent that period of time... at some point you start getting glimpse of that age..and you start feeling that you actually know all of it.. but it remains unanswered that how do u used to feel at that time.. because we used to be feeling-less at the start of our age.. ??? do you think that's true? .. no its beings have feelings from the day they born till the day they die.. so why we don't remember those feelings... here is an answer...

we do not remember how we used to feel at that time.. because all what we had around was happiness... everybody was trying to make sure we are smiling.. if we are crying .. the solution is immediately there so no sad feeling is developed... in short .. where there is no absence of happiness and there is no negative energy for it either.. all you feel is just good..and you do not remember how you used to feel because its happiness bydefault..  and  happiness cannot be felt unless you know whats the feeling without happiness..

lets move to the next part of life.. where we start to develop our feelings to a minimum level which actually does not involve heart.. and only brain.. for example.. the fear of getting scold by someone..
the fear of exam.. the fear of class.. this age is the quick age which passes like a glimpse.. how many of you actually remember incidents from that age?? all you remember is may be classroom.. teacher.. some class fellows.. some neighborhood games may be.. but nothing serious.. right???
so the actual story starts after this age... which is the most reflective stage on your growth.. so called start of youth.. and that's the journey starts in the search of happiness... lets see how it starts..

the first day.. the very first time you start feeling bad about anything.. which leaves an impression to your heart...thats exactly where it starts.. and from that day till probably the death, all your mind or heart works for is peace and happiness...if we map it to the exact stage.. then its mostly known as the time when you are studying to complete secondary school certificate.. or matriculation.. have we ever thought why they are named as secondary school?? the first is primary.. then secondary.. then we call it high school... all these transitions are not just the study related terms... they are actually the stage of your life and the word school actually represents the school of thought..
this school of thought  defines how much do you feel, how much do you stay happy.. how much do you stay sad.. because thats the time when the school of thought links from brain to heart.. and gives a kick start to the journey named as "In search of Happiness" ..

Without going into the details of how we search for happiness.. how we know it or even at times we do not know it... lets try to see what are the factors which revolves around it..
so the major factors are time,age,intellectual level etc etc.. but amongst all these the major role is played by the environment which is built up of friends and family...

this friends and family actually defines the path on which we walk in the search of happiness and all we get as so called happiness comes from these people and the environment.. but do you know the sad part of it??? the most sad part of it.. we keep on moving and eventually bypass this journey and when we end up.. we realize that the path we have taken together actually did not lead all of us to the same destination.. and we are all apart from each other, far far away.. and all we have left behind is just memories... the memories we made "in search of happiness"..

a food for thought is.. what happens next.. why this search ends up painful where as it was the search of happiness.. i will continue this thought in my next part... till then.. keep following your known or unknown path in the search of happiness :)