Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Me and My Hope ( Free Verses)

 we all have hope... we need to find it... talk to it..
 tell this hope...

ooiiii... i am stronger than you...
you dont have me.. but i have you

and this hope will whisper
dont worry, i am always with you

stare into her eyes
say, i do not need you

i can be happy
with or without you

who do u think u are to me
u r just hope , a little close to me

hope replies, i am your fate
you cannot afford this hate
...don't hate me,just embrace me

look at her again, say
you are my past, i hate you

hope replies, am not like you
i am your future too

selftalk..but i know myself
i cannot live without you

hope replies, you are right
even i am nothing; being without you

just hug the hope, bring it along
and you will discover, the magic you can do..

hope is love.. hope is life..
talk to your hope.. discover yourself