Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Badaltey dekhey hen

yaqeen karain bhi to kis per karain aakhir
hum ney logon key imaan badaltey dekhey hen

mazi ki yaad men jeenay walon hosh men aao
hum ney waqt key halaat badaltey dekhey hen

gilla karain kissi sey to kyun ker karain aakhir
hum ney bay hissi key aamaal badaltey dekhey hen

hiddat sey pighal jatey hen pathar bhi akser
hum ney kaheen pathar dil bhi pighaltey dekhey hen

hikmat yeh hi hey key bhool jo aagay berho
hum ney mustaqbil key kayee saal badaltey dekhey hen

badal key khud ko bhi dekha,magar dil na badla
hum ney sachay dil walley chaal badaltey dekhey hen

chalo maaf kertey hen sab khataon ko un ki
hum ney zindagi key kayee mor badaltey dekhey hen

faida kuch bhi nahi ab aanso bahaney sey
hum ney musafaton key ahwal badaltey dekhey hen

aakhir ko kat hi jata hey waqt tanhai key sath
hum ney tanhai men apney kayee saal badaltey dekhey hen

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hope is always there

the day i thought i am dead
hope whispered, no i am left

i gave another chance to my heart being theft
i realized soon, hope was correct

some moments gathered to hold my breath
even the ones that made me dead

a new glow was seen with full of its depth
the fragrance helped showing the rest

everybody around was shocked from the deft
by a joying voice from the heart in the fest

some heart beat is there with the zeal and zest
my heart is knocking like it was never dead

thanks for the hope for the blushing crest
i restarted the life waiting for the next death